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The Sage's Basic SEO Boost

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  • Provides up to date keyword research information and suggested actions to launch your online presence adventure!

  • Extremely affordable and totally useful for smaller website owners bloggers and more!

  • An incredible value as always!

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  • Instant Analytics that give an overview of your web-businesses 

  • Up to date and easy to read reports with figures relevant to your return-on-investment and customer retention

  • Key data and expert advice for correcting and implementing SEO optimized web strategy 

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 While being a leader in online virtual marketing means we can assist businesses globally (in multiple languages & alphabets) The Sage's favorite SEO geotargeting specialty areas include some of the following cities: SEO Chicago, IL; SEO Milwaukee, WI; SEO Denver, CO; SEO Ohio, SEO Austin, TX; SEO Memphis & Nashville TN, SEO Iowa, SEO San Francisco, CA; SEO Lincoln, NE; SEO Duluth, MN; SEO Detroit MI; SEO Ann Arbor, MI; SEO Arkansas; +


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  For the very best marketing plan of action we offer several managed site options as well as SEO add-ons to suit your needs. The Sage's SEO is a specialized service geared towards small businesses, but capable of handling large companies and data directories just as well.

    As always with the Sage; The most competitive pricing you will find on the web!

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   For serious business owners and competitive professionals who need comprehensive SEO, SEM & SEV management; site-managed Sage care is recommended to send your online visibility soaring and blast your traffic. Niche marketing and detailed customer acquisition help assure that Sage of the West gets you the results your company or web-business needs.​​

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Premier Business SEO Management

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  • Ideal for brick and mortar small businesses, online stores and small companies looking for competitive rates & high-quality service

  • All the benefits of our advanced SEO report without the worry of monitoring on your own

  • Real time tracking and auto correction of code to synchronize your web presence and minimize customer acquisition costs