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   So in ancient texts where the timing of daylight and orbits of the heavenly bodies are foreign in their description when compared to our common modern understanding, they speak of a "void of darkness" that the Earth passed through. A time when; for 3 days, there was no sunrise, no light. What was this 3 days of darkness? A polar shift? A solar flare? or maybe a domain transfer and converting HTML sites to full WordPress. That's what's sort of been going on here at Sage of the West where we are creating more for you here at our site, as well as others'. Come back soon, we should have the videos and some audio interviews up for you next month. Remember even if you're new here please remember, I love you all and appreciate all the feedback and support. I will be sharing a bunch of SEO and KDP stuff with you soon, as well as some of the neat Twitter tricks I've learned (and coined).

Hope to hear from you all soon!

        -The Sage of the West  

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