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Copy-Writing for your website, your career and more! 

The tools and knowledge to enhance your life and business are all at hand with Sage of the West. We can help your small to medium size business implement the most effective and cost-efficient internet marketing campaigns. By optimizing content of written copy and graphics through tested methods of web-based search engine marketing as well as traditional and online broadcast mediums, we can improve your customer acquisition process. We are geared to assist your established or brand-new business in implementing the best and latest techniques for social-media marketing and other internet-based commercial applications.

   Our primary services revolve around SEO related copy-writing and publishing. Author of The True Power of Breath and founder at Sage of the West; Miles Baker uses developed programs and tested internet publishing skills and techniques which are easily applied to all businesses that are either beginning internet marketing campaigns, or are already actively managing convertible traffic and quality leads. If our team is not a fit for your needs we will recommend several unaffiliated firms or agencies that can better serve your needs.
    By managing in-house ad campaigns synchronized with quality marketing presentation and design we can ensure your business or website is targeted for the specific niche traffic it needs. We work with a team of capable contractors and agencies to deliver the best competitive results possible. The expert capabilities of our private networks is at your fingertips. Even if you are completely new to internet marketing, getting started easily and learning at your pace is my specialty. See how we can help and contact us today!                  - The Sage of the West

  Thanks for taking time to check out our site and read more about us. I started this website as a simple blog post floating in html oblivion. Sage of the West is essentially one of my college nicknames, and has now grown into an international online brand. I strive to make all of the assistance and tools that have led me to where I am now;  available, affordable and even free to anyone willing to let us help. We now offer internet marketing related copy-writing services and general performance analysis for small to medium-sized businesses and online brand start-ups. 
   I recently refreshed my internet security protocol knowledge by completing the 'Authorizing Official' Training course through the Department of Defense. To keep your site secure; I actually base my plan of action and risk management framework procedures on a set of directives modeled after the same processes used by personnel at the Pentagon and DISA to protect sensitive US defense information systems. Rest assured Sage of the West has the capable skill-set and integrity you can depend on to help secure and enhance your online presence. My power team of technical ninjas and content creators are equipped to build or repair your monetized network of online promotion campaigns or even help to create your cyber-brand from scratch. Please explore our available resources on this site and let us know how we can help.

Best Regards,
-Miles   "The Sage"

More about “The Sage”...
      He is a student of physics, applied science and modern technology. His Shaolin name is Heng-Gehn-Fang. He began practicing martial arts at a very young age and has been exploring theology, philosophy and the Tao-Te Ch'ing since his teenage years. He is given to quoting teachers and scripture, but from no particular sect and as a scientist, he has been bred to examine and observe without prejudice or preferences. This unique combination of contemporary techniques and pious observation of ancient teaching has earned him the nickname "The Sage of the West". With a billionaires’ sang-froid and the distinctive growl of a mountain lion; Miles Baker, author of The True Power of Breath, has been delivering a message to all with the promise of true attainment, and miraculous results through these teachings. He has a unique science-based insight into the ancient practices of breathing awareness which he shares with all who are willing to listen, and any who want to learn.
     A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student, Miles has a unique education having acquired a background in a number of fields and having studied Eastern philosophy and religion with a number of teachers.He is also a long time student and client of independent educators with the Professional Education Institute and Robbins Research International. Miles has had a thirst for knowledge from a young age which he has developed into a full grown obsession for information and understanding of our universe and ‘ourselves’. A “worldly countryman” he is proud of his diverse American heritage; he is African-American, Irish-American, German-American, and Native-American (Cherokee Nation). Miles can be found trekking through the wealth of knowledge at his local library, through the foothills of The Rocky Mountains, the Arizona Desert or the Prairies of the Midwest (of which he is so fond) always searching for something and endeavoring to discover more and more.
      As a professional leasing agent and property analyst he has worked for some of the most prominent real estate owners in the Midwest.He is still an active investor and an elite member of Real Estate Mogul and other networks.Throughout the years he’s been employed by several corporations where he learned data management platforms, html coding and organizational office skills which he now applies to his own business (as well as assisting others’) A graduate of the Bartending Academy-Madison,Wisconsin Miles has worked a number of pubs and restaurants relishing in tasks of wine service and cocktail presentation. A certified bartender for over a decade now, he has been professionally licensed to serve alcohol in hundreds of counties throughout multiple U.S. states during his career as a drink server, a field for which he still has a great passion. He is also a CPR/First-Aid certified Red Cross volunteer engaged in BLS wilderness training for W-EMT certification; those in his company are in good hands. Rounding out his eclectic and prolific skill-set; Miles is also an accomplished professional musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer/ arranger and sound-engineer offering professional production services to industry professionals.
       The Sage remains engaged in life and thoroughly active despite dealing with many daunting symptoms of an incurable, incredibly painful, and often life-shortening condition (Hypermobility-EDS); a rare genetic disorder he has hidden by perseverance throughout his childhood and adult years. This has not hindered his prowess as a fearsome martial artist and avid examiner of our physical world.  A self-described "philosopher of the sciences & arts of living" and Nth-degree blackbelt of Jeet-Kune Do; The real power of his lessons seems to come from the sort of understanding that presents itself quite simply, yet can’t quite be learned from traditional methods. I have personally seen Miles do things that literally …could not be done. With this mystic aura he hopes to instigate a reawakening of one of the most basic and fundamental principles of both Eastern-Medicine and of modern day ‘Success Coaching’; active breathing and focused thought. These are principals founded on the wealth of knowledge of this subject which has been compiled throughout centuries by some of the greatest philosophers and teachers of humanity. Miles is making these teachings attainable, enjoyable and promising to us all with this simple read; The True Power of Breath. He has presented a beautiful 150 page invitation for everyone to come along with him on a journey of better breathing, better living and true accomplishment in whatever it is we seek. He is a seer and a guide; a coach and a friend to anyone and everyone who is willing to explore the profound effects that better focused breathing and breath-awareness can create for all. Join us.
             - Wendell Clarkson

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  -Ths Sage

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​​Miles Baker has current certified AO (Authorizing Official) cyber-training from the U.S.DoD

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